Tänd ett ljus & låt det dofta!

Är det någon gång hemmet ska lukta saffran, kanel, kryddnejlika, glögg, och apelsin är den här mörka tiden innan jul. Och då pratar jag inte om julbak eller varma drycker utan om – doftljus! Unna dig ett lyxigt doftljus från DIPTYQUE med ”änglaspel” eller en doft av skog från Skandinavisk.  

Det är också en utmärkt gåva till värdinnan på julfesten eller som julklapp till svärmor 😉

Bara att klicka hem!



Treats of Christmas candle, 220g

”For me, Christmas is the magical scent of majestic pine filling your home,” says Roja Parfums founder Roja Dove, ”it’s the excitement of festive treats – of ginger bread and cinnamon in abundance.” This oriental scented candle is sweet, spicy and warm, and mixes notes of Balsam Fir, Fir Needles, Pine and Cedar Woods with Cocoa, Toffee, Leather, Vetiver and Frankincense. Reflecting the brand’s dedication to luxury, it has been handmade and poured in England into a matte black glass vessel with a polished gold lid.

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Skandinavisk kommer doftljuset Jul

Från varumärket Skandinavisk kommer doftljuset Jul. Ljuset har en härlig julig doft av glögg, honung, pepparkaka och kryddnejlika. Finns i två olika storlekar med brinntid upp till 16 eller 50 timmar. Produkten är i målat glas och kommer med ett lock av trä.



Mon beau Sapin scented candle, 190g

Translating to ‘My Christmas Tree’, Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s ‘Mon beau Sapin’ candle is inspired by the festive period, and in particular the Balsam Fir. This sweet and woody fragrance is presented in a beautiful gold vessel that’s printed with deers and snowflakes. It’s the perfect gift for hosts of holiday parties.

Skärmavbild 2017-11-15 kl. 22.23.14.png

Winter Doftljus Kanel, Saga Form

Christmas/Winter är en serie av produkter som passar för hela hösten och vintern. Julen handlar om ljuvlig doft av glögg, stämningsfullt ljus och att smycka våra hem med vackra ting. Design: Sagaform Design Group.

Skärmavbild 2017-11-15 kl. 21.26.17TOM DIXON

Materialism set of four candles, 4 x120g

”Often, the most potent first impression and subsequent memory of a space can be its smell,” says Tom Dixon, and each candle in this set of four has its own unique character. Wood-perfumed ‘Oil’ and Ambrette and Pink Pepper-fragranced ‘Quartz’ are brand signatures encased in mouth-blown glass that’s pulled and stretched to create organic shapes. Polished for a smooth and even finish, ‘Stone’ is housed in a heavyweight green marble vessel and infused with notes of Fig and Sandalwood. The sharp, clean and light ‘Alloy’ scent and gravity-cast aluminium container share common characteristics. We think it will make a chic housewarming gift.



Incense scented candle, 240

Inspired by the warm and comforting scents of the festive season, Byredo’s candle is a soothing, smoky blend of Incense and Eucalyptus, peppered with notes of Crisp Amber and Wild Patchouli. It has been handmade in France and comes in mouth-blown red glass vessel that can be used as a small vase or pot when finished. We think it makes a lovely holiday gift.

902641_in_ppALAÏA BEAUTY

ALAÏA PARIS Scented Candle, 1000g

Alaïa Paris’ candle is designed to flood your home with a scent inspired by the brand’s first Eau de Parfum. Born from one of Azzedine Alaïa’s early childhood memories – ”a bucket of cold water thrown against a wall of scorching chalk” – this fragrance opens with an airy Pink Pepper aroma, before developing into fresh floral notes of Freesias and Peonies. It ends with a comforting leathery musk.



Strength scented candle, 230g

Each of Matter & Home’s hand-poured candles is created with intention. Light this scent for an overall sense of strength, clarity and direction. The white soy wax balances the invigorating notes of Orange and Spruce with the richness of Patchouli, Cedar and Cinnamon. Use the black glass votive as a vase once it has burned to the end.

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Skandinavisk – gör doftjus med inslag av träslag som tall och gran.

Doftljus med inslag av träslag som tall och gran. Toner av åldrat läder och blommande liljekonvaljer i skogen. Tillverkad av FSC-certifierad vegetabiliskt vax och mineralvax. Handblåst, frostad glaslykta. Bomullsveke. Brinntid upp till 50 timmar. 190 gram. Ny version nu med trälock.



Cedarwood scented candle, 240g

Handmade in Sussex, England, Burberry Beauty’s candle conjures the warm and spicy scent of Cedarwood which deepens and enriches as it burns. The glazed black ceramic vessel is presented in twill paper packaging – a reference to the gabardine fabric of the label’s iconic trench coat. We think it will make an elegant gift for a hostess.


Ordine Architettonico set of three candles, 3 x 300g

Fornasetti’s ‘Ordine Architettonico’ candles are inspired by the influential architecture of Andrea Palladio. Housed in arch-printed ceramic vessels, this set is made from hand-poured wax that’s infused with the label’s signature ‘Otto’ scent. Light them to fill your home with a subtle yet intoxicating blend of Thyme, Lavender, Cedarwood and Incense.



Foxglove scented candle, 260g

Inspired by New York, Central Park and the city’s botanical history, Joya converts its sought-after Foxglove Parfum into a scented candle. This refreshing fragrance will fill your room with notes of Saltmeadow Cordgrass, Hyacinth Leaves, Jasmine and White Cedar. Poured into a handcrafted ceramic vessel, it can double as a trinket pot once burned through.



Jurassic Flower scented candle, 220g

Frederic Malle’s ‘1er Mai’ candle evokes the fresh scent of lilies of the valley. Composed by white flower connoisseur Dominique Ropion, it’s blended with Rose and Jasmine-like accords and housed in a hand-painted vessel. Make this sophisticated, welcoming fragrance part of your home’s signature aroma.



Pseudonym scented candle, 185g 58.50

Ellis Brooklyn’s scents tell a story inspired by literature. Paying homage to the D.H. Lawrence poem Figs, ‘Pseudonym’ initially releases fresh notes of Capri Fig, then blends with Jasmine, Pepper and Sandalwood. Demonstrating the brand’s commitment to sustainability, this candle is made from soy wax and has been hand-poured into a recycled, lead-free glass container.



Black Moss scented candle, 180g

Award-winning perfumer Azzi Glasser’s scented candles are tailored to match the personality of different living spaces in your home, imbuing every room with a unique sense of character and style – ‘Black Moss’ is the perfect welcoming fragrance for your entrance. It opens to notes of smoky Oud and has base accords of Patchouli and Musk for warmth. The 100% natural wax contains Soya, Rapeseed Oil and Beeswax.

1035862_in_ppTOM DIXON

Orientalist Candle Gift Set

Tom Dixon’s gift set is a stylish addition to your bathroom or guest en suite. ”Reminiscent of an Indian wedding or a visit to a far eastern flower market,” it contains the brand’s signature candle that’s encased in a hand-spun brass mold and infused with the scent of Violet Leaves, heady Patchouli, Amber and Musk. It also includes a cleansing hand wash formulated with moisturizing Rosehip oil, Turmeric and Ginger, plus a nourishing balm that releases notes of Violet, Rose and Cinnamon that linger for hours.


Composition No.1 scented candle, 260g

Joya’s scented candle is perfect for anyone who loves fresh, floral fragrances – it’s based on the brand’s ‘Composition No.1’ Parfum. With notes of rich Heliotrope Petal, Tuberose and warm Sandalwood, this piece makes a beautiful housewarming gift.



Tranquillity™ Intensive Skin Treatment Candle, 140g

Neom Organics’ ‘Tranquillity™’ candle is fragranced with soothing English Lavender, sweet Basil and Jasmine to calm and relax the mind and body, aiding sleep and lifting your mood. After 30 minutes of burn time, this therapeutic treatment fragrances the room and forms a delicate oil that can be smoothed over any part the body – the beautifully crafted vessel is shaped perfectly for pouring. The 100% natural blend of Cocoa Butter and vitamin-rich Almond Oil soften and repair dry and tired skin.



Giant Baies scented candle, 1500g
Diptyque’s best-selling ‘Baies’ candle is now available in a giant size to create a warm and inviting atmosphere this festive season and beyond. Housed in a handmade ceramic Virebent vessel decorated with mystic gold stars, this black wax design is laced with delicate accords of fresh Bulgarian Rose, sweet Blackcurrant buds and heady Ambergris. The limited-edition presentation box is sure to look stylish on your mantle or nestled beneath the tree.
Ciel scented candle, 270
Cire Trudon’s ‘Ciel’ candle is inspired by the inviting aroma of a warming log fire. The hand-poured, environmentally friendly vegetable wax is scented with Birch, Chestnut and Moss on a rich base of Cedar, Musk and Patchouli. Matching the mouth-blown glass vessel, the green presentation box is stamped with a Japanese infinite Mizuhiki knot design, traditionally said to offer protection to the recipient.
Rose de Mai Massage, Body Oil & Treatment Candle
Oskia’s candle melts down to a deeply nourishing oil fragranced with the finest Rose de Mai from Grasse. Due to the low melting point, after 5 to 10 minutes of burn time this therapeutic treatment can by applied directly to your skin to hydrate and nourish – the natural blend of Beeswax, Coconut and Soybean helps to soften dry, tired skin.

7855-017855_theritualofayurvedascentedcandleboxproTHE RITUAL OF AYURVEDA SCENTED CANDLE



Red Truffle 21 scented candle, 185

Jo Loves’ fragrances and candles are inspired by special memories and moments in life. This ‘Red Truffle 21’ candle is based on the rich scent of the culinary delicacy, surrounded by notes of earthy Fig, zesty Citrus and cool, crisp Pine. Made in England, the white wax has been hand-poured into a glass vessel and topped with a polished silver lid.



Loving Tuberose and Sandalwood scented candle, 190g

Bella Freud Parfum’s candle has been poured by hand into a red glassvessel etched with the signature ‘Loving’ motif – a perfect gift for avid followers of the brand. Blended in the UK, it is a heady fragrance of Tuberose with warming Amber and Sandalwood.



Spa-serien doftljus nr. 0 Snö i en praktisk och återanvändbar bärnstensfärgad glasburk med lock. Doften är uppfriskande och sensuell på gränsen till det blommmiga och gröna som lyfter upp i sinne som snön under de mörka skandinaviska nätterna. Ljuset är gjort av vegetabiliskt vax.



Portable Fireplace scented candle, 200g

D.S. & Durga’s scented wax candle recalls the warming scent of a fireplace. The relaxing wood accord mingles with notes of smoke, birch tar and copaiba resin to recreate the smell that lingers after the fire is extinguished. When it’s gone, keep the peach glass vessel to store flowers or desk trinkets.

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